The Hollywood Reporter had some very nice things to say about a DRS project from 2022

08 Aug 2023 | 8 min read

‘North Star’ is Kristin Scott-Thomas’s first feature as director and premiered at the Toronto Film Festival. Production Designer Andrew McAlpine’s skillful work was singled out for mention.

The HR article praised the film as having “the prettiest production design in ages” and carries on to say, “It’s no back-handed compliment to say the design is one of the first things you notice, because that look is essential to how inviting and lived-in this lovely film is.”

Under Andrew’s guidance, DRS carpenters and painters helped transform the Hampshire property where much of the film was shot from a tatty, damp and unloved empty house into “a beautiful, comfy, English country cottage, with brightly coloured walls or botanical wallpaper in every room.” Unfortunately, the writer was not totally taken by some of the writing and performances – but there’s nothing we could have done about that.

A UK release date has yet to be announced but we look forward to seeing this one soon.

North Star on IMDB: