MoneySuperMarket – The SuperSaveClub

8 July 2024 | 5 min read

A commercial which builds on the concept of the ‘Money Super 7’, financial services secret agents (yes that is too a thing) led by Dame Judy Dench. This time the action unfolds during a night at the opera. Beginning in the wings and behind the scenes of a set for ‘Carmen’, the action quickly moves to the lighting gantry.

Oscar nominated designer Peter Francis and Oscar winning director John Madden wanted to film on location on stage and in the auditorium of the amazing Coliseum Theatre. The lighting gantry was too cramped for filming so we built a replica of it at Black Island Studios. Peter designed a Chirico inspired series of arches and bell tower to be the stage set. These elements were set in front of a printed backing and a huge red disc representing the setting sun.

We installed the stage set in one day and struck out in just a couple of hours to fit around the theatre’s busy schedule.